Alexandra (Alex) Suchman is CEO and co-founder of Barometer XP, a company that uses games to spark insightful conversations about how team members can better communicate and collaborate toward shared goals. Alex leads game sessions that help individuals and teams explore self-awareness and make meaningful, sustainable culture changes.

Prior to Barometer XP, Alex founded AIS Collaborations, a consulting firm that helped small businesses reach new levels of success through simple systems, stronger organizing techniques, and better planning. She has an MPP from George Washington University, a BA in psychology from Colby College, and is certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) and DISC coach.


In this episode Natalie and Robert discuss:

  • The idea for Barometer XP
  • The struggles of putting up the Barometer XP 
  • The impact of getting too attached to things
  • Keeping your team motivated
  • Putting boundaries on your time


Key Takeaways: 

  • No matter how busy you are at work or in life, always make time and space for conversations or connecting with those around you. This gives you insight into how other people think and act, which you can use to be more strategic about how you work together in the future.
  • Your proof of concept can become a purpose, and it is your willingness to put forth your best effort in doing that thing and collaborating with your team that will make a real difference.
  • Don’t get too attached to any version of anything. It’s just a matter of getting things out there, trying them out, recognizing that they’re not perfect, and iterating and expanding. The more attached you are, the less space you leave for growth or change.
  • Everybody’s input and ideas matter. Allow people on your team to take ownership of something you’re doing – keeping tasks and skills aligned integrates growth and development.
  • Working hard is not a bad thing, but don’t let your work consume you and cast a shadow over the other aspects of your identity. You can still achieve your objectives while maintaining your well-roundedness and allowing the other aspects of your personality to shine.


“Work can have fun and joy. Don’t be afraid of the people who want to connect, it’s really important to have that trust and familiarity and comfort with the people that you work with. And so, fun and playing games should not be bad words in the workplace.” – Alexandra Suchman


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