Bunmi Samuel (pronounced Boomie) is a thought leader and entrepreneur from New York City, currently living between New York City and California and where the adventure takes him. An attendee of Morgan State University, City Technical of New York City, and a graduate of Temple University, Bunmi has the desire to learn and teach.

Bunmi, professionally is passionate about storytelling through modeling life, design, strategy, and pinpointing key points in history. His direction and inspiration derive and purpose from an upbringing in the vibrance of New York City culture, lifestyle, and institution building as a core principle within his pioneering family. A deep believer in the human ability to transform challenges Mr. Samuel’s vision is to tell stories and the nuance of history and culture through detailed depictions of life. He values building dynamic companies, connecting people to opportunity, and creating change in turbulent environments. Changing mindset is his gift.

A trained school designer and strategist he operates businesses that provide solutions to large and small challenges in the marketplace.

In 2014, Bunmi Samuel experienced a 15,000-foot skydiving malfunction and fall resulting in severe injuries and challenges. He spent 7 years journeying rehabs and shares knowledge of health, medical, and wellness practices. Through many experiences, Bunmi tells the story of challenge, pursuit, and belief in human capacity to audiences around the world. Bunmi currently operates the design strategy company Pants and Sleeves, an invention group – AbleWorld, and Retreat Space known as Better Live Better. With his time, he enjoys designing, advising on cycles of culture and history, mentoring, marathoning, speaking, and writing.

Bunmi’s overall mission and purpose are to develop capacity in people, organizations, and communities and model endurance and success in all he does.


In this episode Natalie and Bunmi discuss:

  • Bunmi’s journey as an entrepreneur
  • How grief became Bunmi’s greatest opportunity in life
  • Making the world accessible to everyone
  • The importance of having an honest travel conversation
  • Entrepreneurship is not something you get into for a quick fix.


Key Takeaways: 

  • It’s about living, not just looking and watching that would make you succeed as an entrepreneur.
  • Consider your fear as a challenge and look at it as an opportunity to transform yourself, then put the steps of the processes together to address that challenge. If you don’t reflect and clear your grief, it can stay with you and stop you from expanding, and from going to the next level. 
  • It is high time that we start creating a system that will provide everyone with a high level of access to a world that welcomes individuals more as a place to explore. This easy-to-navigate and accessible environment will bring more business to the world.
  • A more inclusive, more welcoming, and more accessible travel experience begins with honest travel conversations. Be honest about what you don’t like and don’t be afraid to express your suggestions – change and improvement will not happen unless you speak up.
  • You can’t get into entrepreneurship for a quick fix – it’s going to be an endless process of winning, losing, and reflecting on how you can improve. You can’t be an entrepreneur if you don’t have the willingness to do, or the willingness to take that experience, and reflect on that constantly.


“It’s not always about the profit as the end marker of success. It’s also about how brilliant you can actually conjure up these ways of creating, delivering and moving people to be inspired. I think that’s what an entrepreneur really wants to do.” – Bunmi Samuel



Connect with Bunmi:

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Connect with Natalie:

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