Why am I not getting noticed online? What am I doing wrong?

Why am I not getting noticed online? What am I doing wrong?

You built it! – The website, the LinkedIn profile, the Facebook page and the Instagram account. You’ve been posting ‘fairly’ often and still you’re not getting anything more than a few random likes and maybe a sprinkling of comments from friends and family.

What are you doing wrong?

The philosophy of ‘build it and they will come’, is long gone. The famous phrase coined from the movie ‘Field of Dreams’,  doesn’t materialize anything more than false hope and frustration. 

It's time for a new perspective!

What is your end game? Is it to get noticed, to score more sales or to build a brand with a product/service that meets the needs of precisely who you created it for?

If you’ve answered the questions above, now it’s time to work backwards. 

Let’s start at the beginning! 

What problem do you solve? 

Who are you solving it for? 

Where can you find them?

How would you strike up a conversation? 

The online world is pretty much like the offline one. If you are in a room with a stranger, what makes them start talking to you? Do you start up a conversation and immediately tell them where you work, what you sell and where they can go to find your business? Hopefully not! 

Usually, you find some common ground to initiate the conversation and begin to ask questions so that you can learn more about what that person is thinking and feeling?  The more attractive the person becomes, the more time you want to spend with them. Before you know it, if you achieve a genuine connection, a friendship is made, or a relationship begins to build. 


These same rules of engagement apply to social media. The key is to be social. Take the time to identify your ideal customer. Once you’re confident about the problem you can solve for them, lean in! Begin a conversation by determining how they may be feeling right now! 

What gets someone to stop scrolling and notice you, is your ability to connect to their emotions or high values authentically. 

Getting noticed is not a onetime trick. It’s the way you show up consistently. Each encounter should bring your audience closer to you as you share a mutual understanding of where they are now and where they really want to be. 

Like all relationships, it takes time to build trust. People buy from those they trust; they don’t just notice them!

Show up and serve intentionally! Solve something meaningful for someone who you know is waiting to stop on you!

Shift in High Gear! It’s September Already!

Shift in High Gear! It’s September Already!

Does your business feel like a car left parked in neutral with the engine running but going nowhere?

You’re sitting there in driver’s seat, but with no real sense of direction, the road ahead seems daunting.

Navigating your way out of pandemic paralysis can be challenging. Everything has changed and is still evolving. In fact, 2020 requires countless detours.

You’ve waited long enough for ‘normal’ to resume and then the ‘new normal’ to emerge. It’s just not happening. Instead of staying parked in the ‘stress lot’, why not change your response to the stress. It’s September already! It’s time to get going, shift gears and put your foot on the gas!

Your pre-pandemic plans now require reassessment.

Here are five easy ways to navigate a new route in the ‘New World:

Step 1: Switch Gears!

Move your mindset from referring to what was. Define what your new route is going to look like.

 Momentum gets initiated in your mind.

Don’t give up on your 2020 goals. Start to rethink how you can still achieve them.

There is infinite potentiality and with that comes, endless possibilities!

Step 2: Define The Problem You Solve!

Is your business still targeting the same customer needs? Can your offer be positioned as a priority to the same audience? Knowing who can best benefit from what you have on offer (product or service) allows you to communicate directly to the ‘high values’ of your ideal customer! If the problem you solve is important to them, they will pay to have it resolved or pursue the pleasure it presents.

Step 3: The Secret of the One in the Many

The secret to identifying your ideal customer is to select that ONE! That’s right, not everyone who your brand can help, just that one it can serve best. Go into detail as you profile this individual, give he/she a name even. It’s about going beyond the standard demographics. Get to the psychographics. When your ideal customer recognizes that ‘hey you could be living in my mind’, then you have their attention and their interest. Dig deeper!  Uncover their deepest desires or biggest pains!

Step 4: Create a Compelling Offer

Delight your ideal customer by understanding them completely and over-delivering on their needs and expectations. Make the interaction between you and them an ‘experience’ worth repeating, sharing or referring.

Step 5: Sales & Marketing

There’s an old adage that says, ‘if you want to learn how to fish, go where the fish are’. The same goes for your target market. You have to show up where they congregate. You already know that now, more than ever, that place is online and via a smartphone.

Identify the space they occupy and begin to create valuable conversations that resonate with who they are, what pain they want to be solved or what pleasure they are seeking.

Make your conversations authentic in tone and text. Show them that you understand where they are and what they want. Then deliver your solution.

Build your business by showing up to the right people, in the right places with the right solutions!

This new navigation allows a more pointed perspective of the road ahead.  Consider your GPS reset. With a little momentum, in no time at all, your business will begin to accelerate once again.

Consider where you are now, you can leave your engine running and eventually run out of gas, or you can shift into high gear!

Let’s go!