Dr. Saiyyidah Zaidi is an executive coach; an expert in diversity, inclusion, and belonging leadership development and training; and an independent researcher in identity, intersectionality, and interculturality. 

Originally trained as an architect, Saiyyidah spent ten years in local government before leaving her Director position to retrain as an executive coach. She spent eight years researching identity, intersectionality, and interculturality in British Practical Theology while developing her coaching practice. Saiyyidah is an Independent Scholar, Faculty member, and Tutor with Meyler Campbell, a Trustee and Committee member with the British and Irish Association of Practical Theology, and the Founding Convenor of the Centre for Belonging and Understanding.


In this episode Natalie and Dr. Saiyyidah discuss:

  • Creating a safe space for others to step up and share voices
  • The importance of having a sense of belonging
  • Behavioral change for individuals and organizations
  • Having a lens of curiosity and asking questions
  • How Saiyyidah overcame the biggest challenge in her life
  • Saiyyidah’s advice to individuals who want to cast a bigger vision


Key Takeaways: 

  • We can all influence and open doors for others to express themselves, it just depends on whether we explore and expand our understanding of what it feels like to belong so we can help others do so.
  • A sense of belonging not only increases an individual’s experience and satisfaction in life, but it also helps them develop skills to work with others, and more people will be willing to work with you over other organizations that do not do that kind of work.
  • A successful change comes from training and support that helps you change the way you act, behave, and make decisions.
  • Get curious and ask questions – it creates a space for difference and respect, so we can sit in our own beingness and communicate in a respectful way.
  • In the end, you can’t resolve everything, so just be in the moment, and you’ll be able to enjoy what’s happening right now despite all the challenges and obstacles.
  • Always be yourself, know what your area of expertise is, and identify who in your network supports you.


“Enjoy life. Work out what you need to do to be comfortable in your own skin and find out what brings you joy and do more of it.” – Dr. Saiyyidah Zaidi



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