Monica is a heart-centered leader, global citizen, life-long learner, and community builder, a scientist by trade, and a spiritual leader by choice. 

She is on a mission to scale global awareness of our interdependence as humans and with nature, as the critical foundation for the creation of solutions for sustainable and flourishing futures that are rooted in dignity and unity. 

In her roles as a sustainability expert, leadership coach, motivational speaker, author, mentor, activist, and guide of transformative experiences, Monica creates whole collaborative spaces that maximize individual and group resilience, and scale impact leveraging collective wisdom to generate and implement pragmatic social and climate justice possibilities. 

Monica is the founder and CEO of Gefyra Inc, a social enterprise that literally means ‘the bridge’. Gefyra partners with individuals, communities, organizations, and institutions, to build their sense of wholeness to unlock their ability to operate at their best, creating value from their full potential.


In this episode Natalie and Monica discuss:

  • Monica’s journey from the head to the heart
  • The importance of interdependence
  • Owning your power
  • The power of asking for support as an entrepreneur
  • Operating from a sense of wholeness


Key Takeaways: 

  • It is only through accepting yourself, acknowledging your gift, and knowing that you have something to contribute that you can unlock all of your potentials.
  • Rather than competing, interdependence means we are here to collaborate. It is through our willingness to embrace vulnerability and interconnection that we will truly harness the strengths, harness the gifts of others, and create something even greater than we ever imagined.
  • You own the power of creating your own dream; it’s up to you to create what you want and not let the circumstances dictate what you do.
  • You give others the opportunity to serve and contribute when you ask for their support. This allows them to feel fulfilled and connected, and also opens the door to amazing partnerships.
  • It is possible to shift our emotions to something positive, such as joy, and if we choose these emotions, and we understand how our minds and brains work, we can give ourselves whatever we need to operate at our best every single moment.


“If it’s done from needing to prove myself, it’s never going to lead to fulfillment.” – Monica Pandele


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