Natalie Alcantara is a strategist, advisor, and coach who inspires business leaders to be at their best. She has spent over 25 years propelling her clients to the forefront of their industries. both as an internal leader at leading Multinational Companies and through her consultancy firm ION Marketing Ltd.

Natalie has an unerring eye for energizing ideas that build brand resonance and fuel connection. Her clients and colleagues highly regard her intuitive approach, clarity, collaborative spirit, and strategic insight.

A champion of leading well from within, Natalie applies the appreciative inquiry lens to search for the best in people, and organizations, uncovering their strengths and the possibilities that can yield exponential outcomes.

She is a Certified Guide in the groundbreaking XCHANGE Approach – A radically effective, scientifically based, multi-disciplinary approach for leading and managing teams, organizations and learning communities, both at in-person events (retreats, conferences, summits & workshops), as well as in the online environment. Natalie uses the frameworks of The XCHANGE Approach to create active and engaging experiences that establish psychological safety, build deep connections, and unlock potential in individuals and groups at speed and scale.

Natalie loves spending time in nature and enjoys experiencing the energy of the ocean. “Acknowledging ourselves as part of a more extensive system brings awareness of our interconnectivity and gives a humbling perspective of our impact and influence in an ever-changing world”.


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