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Have you ever felt like you truly connected with someone? Was it through a life experience you shared? A story from your past? Stories are an incredible communication tool because it connects you to your audience. Listen to the latest episode of Lead and Lift podcast where Natalie Alcantara shares how Communicating through Stories creates a stronger connection than any marketing tactic.
The goal of any leader is to inspire from the front line. Today, Natalie Alcantara is playing the Chief Inspirer role with her clients. Natalie is renowned for her belief in people, purpose, and their potential. Natalie’s ‘Brand Signature Approach’ braids passion, purpose, story selling and deep customer insights. Her programs deliver real value and create authentic connections, that build big brand love!
There is a monumental shift happening in the international marketplace. The days of mass-marketing through ads and vision are over. We’re finding that companies are struggling to build trust with their consumers. The short of it is that no one is listening because there is too much noise, Natalie says. Your customer can’t sift through all that information when they’re so connected to the digital world. There’s really only one way to connect with your audience–the power of story.