Sharon Otaguro is known for building bridges and connecting dots. She works with business owners, and industry leaders within the spa and wellness field to identify the key profit maximizers and biggest time wasters, create a consistent marketing and retention strategy, and scale the leadership in a way that increases ease, effectiveness and enjoyment.

Sharon fosters Ohana (community) to increase support and accountability. She helps the business leader to build an inner ‘Belief System Compass’, and an outer confidence that is action-oriented.

Sharon’s mission is to guide leaders in creating high-performance, consciously, within their circles of influence, to support healers sharing Aloha, and building lives full of freedom, joy, and success starting with their own, and to lead entrepreneurs in being authentic.


In this episode Natalie and Sharon discuss:

  • The concept of “Ohanapreneur”
  • The compound effect
  • Creating and contributing to community
  • Burnout and achievement
  • The concept of “WELLth”
  • Achieving freedom, joy, and success


Key Takeaways: 

  • Staying together as an entrepreneur, sharing and growing in community combining their thoughts and contributions is a key component for success.
  • Create compound effect by scaling influence, to grow beyond yourself to create an impact that continues to expand.
  • Creating community starts with leadership. Share your values, be firm with your beliefs, and what you stand for. But leadership is not just in a specific title, it can be demonstrated by the way we show up and contribute. 
  • There’s a fine line between burnout and achievement, it’s just what the results are on the outcomes of what we put forward. Find balance in your life and set boundaries. 
  • Find “WELLth’ (wealth) in your well-being. Financial independence is essential, but it means nothing if we don’t have a good quality of life to enjoy it.
  • Create clear visions of what you want, define them in different aspects of your life, then recognize it and acknowledge the moment. 


“Mark what is working in your life and appreciate that. By that appreciation,you create clarity of what’s important and that gives you the sense of why you’re on this earth and what you are meant to do next” – Sharon Otaguro



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