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Build your digital foundations

Ready to dive into digital but not sure where you should begin? Looking for a reset to help you stand out in a sea of sameness? ION will craft a customized Digital Strategy, aligned with your business goals, that helps you make the right moves.

Boost your online sales

Close more sales by refining your targets. ION uses Segmentation, Persona Analysis and Journey Mapping to identify and profile your ideal customer – this cuts out the noise and lets you focus on the people who are most likely to convert. Bullseye!

Boost your online sales
Create Communication that connects

Create communication that connects

ROI starts with ROE – Return on Engagement. Generic social media posts and template emails can miss the mark when it comes to speaking your customers’ language. Content Creation and Communication Support from ION provides your brand with an authentic voice that’s tailored to resonate across your platforms.

Supercharge your team

Even the best teams can find themselves stretched too thin. We know sometimes a few extra pairs of hands can make all the difference – that’s why ION offers Team Support on project strategy and execution. From creative concepts to campaign management, we’ll blend seamlessly with your internal staff and external vendors to make the magic happen.

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Raise your Brand Profile

Raise your online profile

Roll out the welcome mat and make sure everyone knows you’re open for business! ION’s Website Audit, Social Media Analysis and SEO services will help your customers find you online whether they’re starting from a search engine or their Facebook feed.

Coach you for success

Your people are at the heart of what makes your business thrive. ION’s experts can work one-on-one with you or create Individual and Team Coaching solutions for your management team or your organization. Let us help set you up for personal and professional brand success!