Real Experiences, Real Results!

Here’s what my clients say about working with me

“Natalie’s insights are powerful and empowering. She super-charges your ideas and quickly creates actionable steps that make transformation simple, empowering, creative and fun.

Her style is collaborative and she is a dream partner with ever-flowing high-energy, positivity and honesty. Results matter to her and it shows!"

Claudia Warrington, TD Bank Group

"As an entrepreneur, I learned early on that no business can succeed without sales and marketing. Along the way, I worked with several marketing strategists that promised glamorous results and advised me to implement some cookie-cutter strategies that not only did not align with my belief system, but also were not effective.

Then I was blessed enough to meet Natalie, who brings with her authenticity and an intuitive approach that is tailored to your brand's message and story.Natalie has a gift for transforming a complex and abstract concept into a clear and concise brand message. I'm a firm believer this is her gift, and not a skill that can be learned or replicated. After a session with her, I felt like she can articulate my intent better than I can. 

Natalie is a connector, gives from the heart, and makes your success her personal goal. She has a unique presence that inspires confidence and brings joy. In a field where success is often attributed to being aggressive and pushy, she is a fresh breath of air that reminds you the power of your brand lies in your unique story. She is one of the best things that happened to me on my entrepreneurial journey."

Pantea Vahidi, RN, Leadership Coach, Educator, Speaker

“Natalie has an effervescent personality which can light up any room. The guidance she shared was integral to truly understanding the customer we serve and determining the best strategy to address their many pain points.

She engenders an atmosphere of idea generation and conceptualization which saw major successes being achieved.”

NC, Administrator

“Natalie is a joy to work with. Very insightful and inspirational. Her coaching techniques hit all the sweet spots to help propel your personal and professional development.

I felt enlightened and moved to make the necessary changes to achieve self mastery.”

SC, Team Lead

Working with Natalie can be likened to gaining life tools that you will be able to utilize for the rest of your life. One thing that will always stay with me are the tools she provided on how to plan for each year and how to think through the coming years. Setting goals and achieving them. These tools work! The amazing thing is... these tools are all within us and Natalie is able to help you identify them, utilize them and manifest them.

NM, Manager

“Natalie brings passion to the situation and can engage easily with all the employees. She is a creative thinker that is an asset to the team.

Her involvement allowed the team to blossom and grow. This gave me more room to envision other possibilities.

She re-affirmed my commitment to the building of a team!”

NP, Business Owner

“Working with Natalie was an incredible experience as I personally got to witness her wealth of knowledge, creativity, and expertise in the marketing arena. Natalie has a true gift in equipping you to make your brand more authentic, marketable, and profitable. Her creative and fluid style combined with a passion that is like none other takes your business brand and story to a place of strength and a more powerful connection to those who need your product or service.

Natalie is a highly sought-after consultant in Marketing, and her experience and guidance will take you to another depth and level that you have been waiting to encounter with your business. I highly recommend working with Natalie. Best decision I ever made!”

Debi Ronca, Sequoia Life Transition Coaching

“ION Marketing, led by Natalie Alcantara, has the unique gift of very very quickly getting to the root cause of "people-based" marketing challenges. As such, when we encountered issues, ION used techniques and reframed perspectives to unearth the "real problem". This led to us seeing the challenges as opportunities and the team benefiting from the experience.

Natalie helped to transform our WHOLE Communications Team! She poured into them, not only the technical skills that were required, but provided the reassurance and coaching to awaken that latent "winner" quality that was within the team.

I believe Natalie is a gifted coach, with an extraordinary talent of "bringing the written word to life!"

REC, Team Leader

“It really was an eye-opening experience, it's great to be able to open up and flesh out ideas that have been shelved or I thought was not possible.

I learnt the bigger the dream/goal the greater the reward and not to fear challenges.”

AE, Entrepreneur/Business Owner

“Working with Natalie has been an insightful and beautiful journey. She is able to assist you in recognizing your strengths, believing in your inert abilities and capabilities in such a natural way. The sessions, whether one on one or group sessions, always spark an awakening regarding your self-motivation and urge to continue pushing forward. It really is a wonderful and true experience working with Natalie. In essence, her process aids you in self-actualizing - not solely in your career but as an individual.

It is always a positive and learning experience after each session. Even for those of us who may feel like we are already self-aware - Natalie's process really took me to that next level of how to think about the challenges I face and how to prepare ahead for circumstances that may have otherwise been uncomfortable or difficult.”

NM, Manager

“Working with Natalie has been an enlightening experience. Her bubbly personality is one that will put a smile on anyone's face. I've been able to find some work-life balance which requires a mindset change. I've learnt to accept that while we may want to get ahead and push our limits to be as productive as possible, sometimes we miss out on the little things that pass us by and creating memorable moments with those who matter to us most.
I’ve learnt to be my best self. Let passion drive you but not consume you! “

LB, Department Head